Aid Explorer


Aid Explorer

A New Way to Look at International Aid

International development is a complex global goal that faces massive coordination barriers. The difference in income between rich and poor has expanded over the years from a four to one factor to a hundred to one. Where there once were only a handful of development agencies, thousands have now emerged. The system that connects donor agencies, recipient countries and development challenges is extremely complex and should not be managed with a top-down approach.

Using the Aid Explorer

The Aid Explorer was developed as a tool to facilitate better aid coordination. The Aid Explorer enables users to understand what issues face which countries and which aid organizations are aligned to address these issues. This can be done by looking at The Aid Explorer’s Profile pages. By exploring the Network maps, it is possible to understand how issues, countries, and organizations relate to each other. Finally, we report our findings and the best alignments of countries, issues and organizations in our Rankings.

The Paper

We describe how we created our dataset and how to extract useful knowledge from it in the paper "The Structure and Dynamics of International Development Assistance" (click on the link to download the PDF), published on February 2013 in the Journal of Globalization and Development.

Special Thanks

Special thanks go to the developers of The Observatory of Economic Complexity for their assistance in the development of this tool. Graphic elements, layout and parts of the Django framework and of the visualizations are borrowed from The Observatory. Most of the credit for this work goes to their lead developer Alexander Simoes.